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What's the one thing Danny Trejo would never put on his tacos? At this year's LA Food Bowl, we spoke with Danny Trejo about his favorite home-cooked meals🌮

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Speed cameras will be implemented in these six California cities beginning in 2024. Here's what you need to know🚗

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Undocumented Californians of any age will be eligible for Medi-Cal insurance starting in 2024📝

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These new laws will take effect in California in 2024.

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Could a social media platform be held liable for a fentanyl-related death? Here's the latest on, what officials are calling, the "landmark" lawsuit filed against Snapchat.

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California could ban tackle football for children under the age of 12. What would that mean for the sport?🏈

Health is Butler’s whole life. She began her fitness career in 2016 after earning her degree in health sciences. Today, the Missouri-native is a fitness instructor in Los Angeles. She works out regularly and eats clean. She has clear, dewy skin and bright eyes. She is full of light and spirit.

But she still has cancer.

“Sometimes you don’t get to choose your own story,” she said, “But this is just the beginning of mine.”

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We've all heard about healthy food, but what about healthy clothing? This week I sit down with new mom and entrepreneur, Lisa Heywood, who shares her experience in sourcing organic options for her daughter - and how she hopes to shape the kids' fashion industry in 2020.

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Live Music & COVID-19: How LA's Indie Artists are Finding Their Way

Live music and concerts have pressed pause during the pandemic. Since touring is a major source of musicians’ income, I explore how LA’s indie artists are finding their way in 2020 and coping with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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My Mom's Take on Being a Working Mother in the 90's - and How Things Have Changed

I chatted with my mom about her experience balancing both work and family, during a time where taking on both was less accepted.

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I Talked to a Nurse on the Front Lines of COVID-19. Here's What You Need to Know

I sit down with Lauren Vogel, a Registered Nurse serving two major hospitals in Massachusetts. She shares her experience from the front lines of COVID-19, along with take-away advice for viewers at home.

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