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Goldsobel got her IUD taken out in early 2022.

“When the doctor took it out, I actually asked if I could keep it,” she laughed. “I wanted to burn it.”

Goldsobel took the IUD home in a ziplock bag, started a bonfire and turned on her favorite female empowerment music, a mix of Rihanna, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. Her own ritual; the beginning of a new journey in reclaiming her body, health and life.

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Jordana’s tweezers follow her direction. He uses the tweezers to hold the bug in place, while gently guiding and tapping it into position with his forefinger.


In a moment, the bee stings Power, leaving its stinger injected in her skin. The bee stumbles toward the edge of her arm, until it reaches a final halt. Jordana catches the bee with his bare hands.

In a calming tone, Jodana coos to the bee.

“It’s okay. Thank you for doing this. We love you,” he whispers.

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Perrin says wild horses value two things: family and freedom.


The bands create bonds that, she says, are torn up by BLM’s brutal helicopter roundups.

“You can hear the stallions screaming for their mares when they’re separated,” said Perrin. 


“We saw last summer, babies left on the range to fend for themselves. They were only a few months old. It was absolute destruction of the family structure.”

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