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The American Horse Council estimates that there are more than 100,000 unwanted horses in America. Saffyre Sanctuary is a rescue operation working to adopt some of them. They are located in Santa Clarita, California, where they shower these horses with love, saving them from an unknown fate.

#Moments&Movements - Investigating the True Crime Cultural Phenomenon

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The true crime genre has exploded in recent years. And while the subject matter has a level of shock-value in and of itself, it's the audience demographic that may surprise you. Overwhelmingly so, women make up the majority of true crime fans. In an age where more women are identifying as feminists, why is an industry that often focuses on the abuse and exploitation of women, thriving right now? In this premiere episode of #Moments&Movements, Rachel interviews a series of psychologists, academics and true crime podcast hosts to get their perspective on the pop culture trend.

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